Carolina Theatre Technical Specifications

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Stage Dimensions

  1. Width of Proscenium opening: 39′ 9- 1/2″
  2. Height of Proscenium opening: 30′ 0″ Bottom of Dead-Hung Austrian Valance trims out at 20‘ 0” and cannot be moved.
  3. Distance Plaster line to back wall: 32′ 10″
  4. Distance Plaster line to last upstage batten: 28′ 2″
  5. Distance last upstage batten to back wall: 4’8″
  6. Floor to Grid: 63′ 1″

Counterweight System

  1. The stage house has 42 single purchase counterweight lines.
  2. Batten length is 48′ with extension pipes available.
  3. The first electric is electric winch operated.
  4. Locking rail is located stage right at stage level.
  5. Loading rail is located on grid catwalk 63′ above the stage.

Soft Goods

  1. The main act curtain will travel and/or guillotine. Color is paprika (rust)
  2. Asbestos fire curtain is downstage of main drape against proscenium wall
  3. All other soft goods are black flame-proofed velour
  4. Leg dimensions: 13′ 7″ wide x 29′ 7″ high, Flat (5 sets)
  5. Border dimensions 60′ 0″ wide x 8′ 0″ high, Flat ( 4 hung)
  6. Travelers on line 9 and 27 (cannot be relocated without prior approval of Production Manager)
  7. Four (4) 8′ x 25′ side panels available per side on track that runs from DS to US
  8. Black Scrim – 22′ high x 48′ wide
  9. White Scrim – 22′ high x 48′ wide
  10. Full Stage Blackout Curtain – 25′ high x 48′ wide
  11. White Seamless Cyclorama – 25′ high x 48′ wide
  12. One (1) 40’w x 25′ h Draper movie screen on tubular aluminum frame

See batten schedule for present location of soft goods.
Soft goods excluding travelers and main curtain may be moved, but must be restored to original positions following event.

Wing Space

S.R. 12′ (Plaster Line to Locking Rail) x 30′
S.L. 14′ (Plaster Line to Overhang) x 30′
S.L. 18×30 beneath 10′ high overhang

Stage Floor

The stage floor is 7/8″ hardwood flooring on a sprung base, stained black with a very slight sheen when newly refinished.

Orchestra Pit

Dimensions are 32′ x 11′ x 4′ below stage level.
There are adequate 110 volt receptacles for orchestra lights etc.
An 8′ x 12′ runway thrust is available upon request.

Counterweight System

The stage house has 42 single purchase counterweight lines.
Batten length is 48′ with extension pipes available.
The first electric is electric winch operated.
Locking rail is located stage right at stage level.
Loading rail is located on grid catwalk 63′ above the stage.


  1. House voltage is ca 115v AC.
  2. House circuits are rated at 20 amps
  3. House connectors are 120v, 20 amp 3 pin stage connectors.
  4. House dimmers
    • 221 20-amp dimmer per-circuit with 2.4 kW capacity.
    • 3 50-amp circuits located stage left on column beneath overhang.
    • House lights are controlled by 4 potentiometers with controls located stage right at stage manager position, and in house control booth.
  5. Company Switches
    • Three (3) 3-phase 110/208v; two are 400 amps per leg, one is 100 A (Isolated Ground).
    • Location is on the DS Plaster line wall stage left.
    • Connects are designed for bare wire.
    • House does not supply feeder cables.
  6. Lighting Console is an ETC Ion
    • Located in rear of house in house control booth.
  7. 2 (two) Lycian 1250 Followspots located in Projection Booth. There is an additional per hour rental charge for followspots. If Lessee cannot provide qualified Followspot Operators, there will be an additional labor charge for facility-provided operators.


  1. Sound control is located in booth at the rear of the auditorium.
  2. House console is a Midas Verona 400 (only two monitor mixes available to stage from this console)
    • 40 Channels
    • 8 Audio Sub-Groups
    • 8 Aux Outputs
    • 4 Mute Groups
    • 8 Multi-Function Stereo Channels
    • 12 x 4 Matrix
    • 4 Band EQ
  3. House Speakers are Meyer UPA-1A – upgraded to 1C;
    • Five are located in center cluster above the proscenium
    • Four are located to each side of stage 7 ‘ above stage level
    • Two Meyer 650-R2 Subwoofers located in House Left and Right Organ Loges
  4. House Amps are Crest Audio FA-901
  5. Four (4) EAW wedge monitors available
  6. Monitor Amps are Crest Audio CA-9
  7. One (1) BiAmp Audia Flex Digital Platform
  8. Two (2) Marantz PMD-321 CD Players. PLEASE REMEMBER TO FINALIZE YOUR CDs!
  9. One (1) DBX Quad Compressor/Limiter
  10. Two (2) DBX 1231 31 Band EQ
  11. Seven (7) each Shure SM57 amd SM 58 Mics
    • Two (2) Shure Beta 58A Mics
    • Four (4) Crown PCC-160 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphones
    • Two (2) Audio Technia V851A Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphones
    • Three (3) Shure KSM 32 Condenser Microphones
    • One (1) Beta 52A Bass Microphone
    • Enough cable for most shows available
  12. Wireless microphone available at extra rental charge
  13. Clear-Com headset communications for 8 stations
  14. Paging system to all dressing rooms located SR at Stage Manager Panel

Projection Equipment

  1. One (1) Elmo 16mm Arc Projector
  2. Two (2) 35mm Century Projectors (Xenon)
  3. One (1) – Three Platter system to HL Century Projector; all located in projection booth on 4th floor at rear of theatre
  4. One (1) Sanyo PLC-XF46N 1024×768, 3LCD, 12000 ANSI Lumens, 1300:1 Contrast Ratio; located center of house on mezzanine rail; control located in tech booth at rear of house on orchestra level

Projection equipment available for extra rental charge.

Loading and Unloading

The building is located on the mid-300 block of South Greene Street facing east, adjacent to Governmental Center.

Parking lane for loading and unloading is located on the northwest side of the theatre, bordered by chained parking posts on the west and a two foot brick wall on the east. Entrance is off of Washington Street just in front of Governmental Plaza.

The Loading door is on stage level, 12′ 8″ wide, 11′ high.

Dressing Rooms

Located off stage left and right on 2nd and 3rd floor above stage level.

There are four dressing rooms stage left and three stage right.

Each room contains adequate mirrors, incandescent lighting, tables, chairs, costume racks, showers, sinks, and toilets.

Total capacity is approximately 70.


Auditorium is arranged according to the American seating plan. There are 749 seats on the orchestra level and 326 on the mezzanine level. Total capacity is 1,075.

Space for 8 handicapped patrons in wheelchairs is also available.


  1. Minimum crew call is three-men, two-hour.
  2. All labor is billed at $20/hour. After eight hours, or after midnight, labor is billed at time and a half. If both conditions apply, labor is billed at double time. There is a two-hour minimum on all labor calls.
  3. Theatre staff must be present anytime the building is occupied.

Fly Rigging Schedule

Line SetHead BlockLoft BlockFunction
Fire0'3"0'3"Asbestos Fire Curtain
House1'0"1'0"House Main Drape
Winch2'9"2'6"1st Electric
87'9"7'6"Mid-Stage Traveler (cannot be moved)
98'3"8'0"Movie Screen
129'9"9'7"Temp. LX
2315'3"15'1"2nd Electric
2719'6"19'3"Mid-Stage Traveler (cannot be moved)
3323'0"22'9"3rd (Cyc) Electric
3826'0"26'4"Black Scrim
4228'0"28'4"Nat. Mus. Cyclorama

Lighting Inventory

2436DegSource Four575xNew
810DegSource Four750New
25DegSource Four750New
1225-50 Deg. ZoomSource Four750New
4Ellipsoid - 6"x9" 30DegAltman750Good
30Ellipsoid - 6"x9" PCStrand750Fair
8Ellipsoid - 6"x22" PCAltman1KFair
12Ellipsoid - 8"x13" PCStrand1KFair
12Parcan (4 lenses)Source Four575xNew
12Fresnel - 6"EC750Marginal
14Fresnel - 8"Altman1KGood
4Cyc Lights - 4 colorFar Cyc1KGood
4Border/Footlight - 3 color 75Good