Viva la Muerte: Halloween in April

Why Halloween in April?  Why not? Give a man a mask and he’ll tell the truth, a poet once said, but revelations aside, getting dressed up is also just good old fashioned fun. So come as you are or come in costume and join Viva la Muerte and The Clanky Lincolns for a special night of homegrown rock n’ roll.

Viva la Muerte’s music “screams with creativity” says Amplifier magazine. VLM’s new album, The Eyes of Men, is both “inspired and inspiring,” writes music critic, Nicholas Meriwether. VLM has been together for over twelve years. They’ve played Nashville, New York City, and quite a few stages in between. Lately, they’ve been teaming up with a wildly entertaining band called The Clanky Lincolns to provide audiences with a high-energy range of music that travels from 80s favorites to some of the most original contemporary psychedelic Americana this side of the Rockies.

Tickets are $10.00. Sales Tax is included in the price.

There is an additional $3.50 per ticket web fee for internet purchases; call 336-333-2605 to avoid those charges. Guests can opt to have their tickets mailed to them for a $1 post fee, or can pick up tickets in will call for no additional charge.