‘Soulmates’ and ‘Trauma’ presented by OPEAT and CMB Studios

The time is finally here!

We are bringing you a dual premiere in Greensboro! Join us for the premieres of Soulmates, a Dalton Kid Production short film and Trauma, a CMB Studios Production feature film. We are excited to screen these two films on the same night. Let’s celebrate indie filmmaking and this special occasion as we premiere two amazing films.

Sponsored by OPEAT.

Tickets are $19, $17 or $15, depending on location.
Ticket Commissions: NC sales tax

**Doors and Box Office open at 5pm for this event only.
Questions and Answers with the Directors pre-show.
Soulmates screening begins at 6pm.
Trauma screening will follow a brief break.


Soul Mates” is a heartwarming tale written and directed by actor Will Dalton. The film follows the journey of two individuals, Philip and Tiffany, who find themselves reconnecting after a mutual breakup a year earlier. As they embark on a road trip to join their mutual friends for an annual retreat, they are forced to confront their past and the unresolved feelings between them.

During their time alone together in the car, Philip and Tiffany begin to rediscover the spark that once brought them together. Through shared memories, laughter, and intimate conversations, they gradually realize that their connection may be deeper than they ever imagined.

As they travel towards their destination, Philip and Tiffany navigate the complexities of love, forgiveness, and second chances. Along the way, they confront unexpected challenges that test their bond and force them to confront their true feelings for each other.

Soul Mates” is a poignant exploration of love lost and found, showcasing the transformative power of reconnecting with the one who truly understands your soul. With captivating performances and a heartfelt story, this film reminds us that sometimes, the greatest love stories are the ones we never saw coming.

Philip Lynch
Tiffany McKeiver
Andre Ziglar
Will Dalton
William Graves Jr

Written and Directed by: Will Dalton
Produced by: A Dalton KID Production
Shot and Edited by: Chris Bray of CMB Studios

Run Time: 28 – 35 minutes

TRAUMA ‘- a CMB STUDIOS Original – Directed by Christopher Bray

Not all veterans return home welcomed. ELIJAH TRAVIS, a US Army veteran is faced with the harsh realities of returning home, post-combat, to everything he once knew gone. Elijah encounters a new lifestyle haunted by the effects of abandonment in his post-combat emotional release through substance abuse. Struggling to adjust back to society, Elijah fails to find employment, readjust to family, and survive with his ptsd. His mental demise causes more turmoil, as he starts to see the world through the voices he hears in his head. The memories are in his past, but he still lives them out running away from the Trauma that he encountered in combat.

Supporting Cast: Selena Spring, Courtney Martin, Ashley Cox, Jaylin Hoyle, Kadeem Rockemore, and Milagro Martinez. All local talent from the surrounding Triad Areas.
Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Christopher Bray. 2022. Not Rated. 105 minutes.
Crew: Christopher Bray, Patrick Connor, Kyree Keen, Nolan DeBerry, Selena Spring, Justin Redd
Premiere Night is Hosted by: Carlos “Big Los” Massey

About the Director
Christopher Bray a Greensboro NC resident and US Army veteran began his film production journey 7 years ago. He sought to learn the industry hands on, moving out west to Las Vegas, Nevada. There he attended film school gaining quality connections which presented opportunities for Bray to learn the craft on sets. Working for big live productions such as the Country Music Awards, The Billboard Awards and MGM events. Bray then found his way onto his first film set and the rest was history.

Inspired by Spike Lee’s film career, Bray quickly realized the importance of understanding every element of the film-making process. He quickly learned to write, direct, produce, edit, audio design and the business of filmmaking. His storytelling style he attributes to the inspiration of Quentin Tarantino,  M. Knight Shyamalan and Aaron Sorkin. Filmmaking has taken over Bray’s life.

In 2019, Bray returned to Greensboro, NC with one mission on his mind: BUILD CMB STUDIOS. Since then Bray’s production company has shot weddings, private events, consulted and produced media for non-profits and small businesses. Bray has also Directed 3 short film projects ‘Unrest’, ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Knock Knock’ (under 40 mins in show time). CMB STUDIOS was recognized in August of 2022 as New Comer Business of the Year by the Triad Minority Business Network.

Trauma is CMB STUDIOS first feature length film. Written, Directed, Produced, Edited and Shot By Christopher Bray. When asked what pushed him to create without the backing of a major production studio Bray responded “In order to get the big budgets to shoot my next film, I have to show what I can do first. I know every department. I don’t need a big production team or budget to get this first one in the theatre. Hard work, application, commitment, and laser focused initiative is what got Trauma done. The ultimate goal is build CMB STUDIOS production headquarters in Greensboro, NC and create a thriving economy for talented artists in the Triad and surrounding areas.