Inside My Marriage: Can You Handle The Truth?

The award winning novel, Inside My Marriage: Can You Handle The Truth? by best selling author Nikole Miller, brings real life situations to center stage.  This soul-stirring stage play moves the hearts of the audience and offers inspiration to its viewers.

Lydia Dogan is struggling to keep peace in her home.  Her husband Harry and her son Dez (from a previous marriage) are the two men she loves most in life, but the two are constantly at each other’s throats.  She never imagined her blended family would have such difficulty blending.  Dez was rebellious and Harry was tired of walking on eggshells in his own home, so as not to set off his stepson.  The two were head-strong and found it nearly impossible to settle their differences, while Lydia and Heavyn (the couple’s daughter) were always in the middle of a never-ending feud.

Donovan Lewis made plenty of mistakes; but promising Summer, his pregnant mistress, that he would leave his wife Paula, was by far his biggest regret. Now that the baby is here, the difficulty he faces trying to be a part of his son’s life is unimaginable.  Between Summer’s rage over his broken promises and Paula’s non-stop accusations of previous unfaithfulness, he can’t seem to win for losing.

Thomas Martin was a church-going man who once loved the fellowship of church.  His strong religious beliefs were the one thing that gave him hope in a judgmental world.  The life-long battle of who he was – a gay man – often collided with the reality of who the church claimed God loved.

Inside My Marriage leaves no stone unturned, as it uncovers things swept under the rug.  With stellar performances, centered around real-life situations and circumstances, such as long-term relationships without commitment, divorce, difficulties with co-parenting, forgiveness, rebuilding trust, and the effects of depression.  Nominated for stage play of the year, Inside My Marriage is a must see.

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