GSO Fest

GSO Fest is coming to the Crown! Featuring The Kneads, The Leeves, GSO & Dumpster.

The Crown at the Carolina line-up:

  • Dumpster @ 8PM
  • GSO @ 9PM
  • The Leeves @ 10PM
  • The Kneads @ 11PM

Somewhere under the rubble of the scene in the Triangle lies that relegated rock from the Triad — a mish-mash of hillbilly soul-country and rock-and-roll with no misconceptions about what it wants to be. These hardscrabble jams soak the listener. The licks lay bare over specific triumphs and sometimes those triumphs sound sadder than the failures that influenced them. These are love songs, but only if you are listening. These whiskey-soaked, heavily medicated jams grew through darkness, so the light you bring is your own.

Jerrod did a radio show on WUAG called Radio Greensboro, and when a band cancelled, he gathered Jon and Doug to fill the gap. They rocked out under the name The Leeves Are turning Red and Orange and Purple because it was college radio and the kids love long band names. They played the show and two years later they decided they should plug in and use a full drum set. Songs were written and some of Jerrod’s “Live From the Basement” tunes were dusted off. Maybe one day they’ll play full time, but until then, enjoy the moments when these boys are pouring their hearts and souls into their music.

With their debut album Letting You Let Me Down, The Kneads weave a sonic tapestry celebrating a bygone era, graced at one time by the likes of Polvo, Pavement, Superchunk, and Fugazi.  Through syncopated rhythms, dissonant chord structures, and a pop sensibility, Greensboro’s The Kneads sling 90s indie rock and D.C. hardcore-hash with reckless abandon – and all within a 40-hour work week! We hope you dive in and enjoy the ride.


Tickets are $8, available at the Carolina Theatre Box Office until 5PM on April 21 and at the door night-of-show.

Please note: There is an additional $3.50 per ticket web fee for internet purchases; call 336-333-2605 to avoid those charges. Guests can opt to have their tickets mailed to them for a $1 post fee, or can pick up tickets in will call for no additional charge.