June 18, 2024 6:00 pm

Dance Machine

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Tuesday, June 18th
Doors Open at 12:15pm
Dancer of the Year Competition
DOY Class Check-In 12:30pm
DOY Classes 12:45-4:45pm
Dinner Break 4:45-5:30pm
DOY Stage Check-In 5:45pm
Improv Competition 6:00pm
DOY Solo Competition 6:30pm
DOY Awards Ceremony 8:30pm

Wednesday, June 19th
Doors Open at 7:15am
Tiny & Mini Solos 8:00am
AWARDS 10:15am
Petite Solos 10:45pm
AWARDS 2:00pm
Junior Solos 2:30pm
AWARDS 8:45pm

Thursday, June 20th
Doors Open at 7:15am
Tiny, Mini, & Petite Duet/Trios 8:00am
AWARDS 10:30am
Junior & Teen Duet/Trios 11:15am
AWARDS 3:00pm
Teen Solos 3:45pm
AWARDS 8:30pm

Friday, June 21st
Doors Open at 7:15am
Senior Duet/Trios 8:00am
AWARDS 11:00am
Senior (15-16) Solos 11:45am
AWARDS 5:15pm
Senior (17-19) Solos 5:45pm
AWARDS 9:15pm

Saturday, June 22nd
Doors Open at 7:15am
Tiny & Mini Groups 8:00am
AWARDS 11:30am
Mini Clash of the Champions
Petite Groups 12:30pm
AWARDS 3:45pm
Petite Clash of the Champions
Junior Groups 4:45pm
AWARDS 9:00pm
Junior Clash of the Champions

Sunday, June 23rd
Doors Open at 7:15am
Teen Groups 8:00am
AWARDS 12:30pm
Teen Clash of the Champions
Clash of the Productions 1:30pm
The Parent Challenge
AWARDS 3:30pm
Senior Groups 4:00pm
AWARDS 8:30pm
Senior Clash of the Champions

Clash of the Champions
After each Age Division Group Awards, the Top 6 Routines will be announced from 6 different studios.
These routines will have 10 minutes to change into costume and be backstage, ready to re-compete.
The top-scoring routine will be named the Super Grand National Champion.
All levels and group sizes can qualify for the Clash of the Champions.
The Clash of the Champions has to be all the same dancers that were in the qualifying performance.

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