Being John Malkovich

Join us for our 11th Annual Summer Film Festival, this year in The Crown, on the third floor of the theatre!

Our auditorium is closed for renovations this summer – to learn more, read about our Capital Campaign


Craig (John Cusack), an artistic puppeteer, takes a filing job in a low-ceilinged office in Manhattan. Although married to the slightly askew Lotte (Cameron Diaz), he hits on a colleague, the sexually frank Maxine (Catherine Keener).   She’s bored, but snaps awake when Craig finds a portal leading inside the actor John Malkovich.  Upon entering the small portal, you see, hear, and feel whatever John Malkovich is doing for 15 minutes, and then you fall out by the New Jersey Turnpike. Maxine makes it commercial, selling trips for $200; also, she’s more interested in Lotte than in Craig, but only when Lotte is inside John Malkovich. Eventually, Malkovich finds out what’s going on and tries to stop it, but Craig sees the portal as his road to Maxine and to success as a puppeteer. Meanwhile, Lotte discovers others interested in the portal. Directed by Spike Jonze. 1999. Rated R. 1 hour, 53 minutes.

This week is all about Strange Worlds. For a full schedule of our Summer Film Festival, click here!

Tickets are $7 for adults; $6 for students, teachers, seniors & military. Prices include sales tax.

Please note: There is an additional $3.50 per ticket web fee for Internet purchases; call the Carolina Theatre Box Office at 336-333-2605 to avoid those charges. (Tickets are also available at the door.) You can opt to have tickets mailed to you for a $1 postage fee, or you can pick up tickets in will call for no additional charge.