Back to the Future

Join us for our 11th Annual Summer Film Festival, this year in The Crown, on the third floor of the theatre!

Our auditorium is closed for renovations this summer – to learn more, read about our Capital Campaign


Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is a just a regular teenager whose life is a dump. His father, George (Crispin Glover), is constantly bullied by his supervisor Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson) and his mother, Lorraine (Lea Thompson), is an overweight alcoholic. One day, Marty gets a call from his scientist friend Dr. “Doc” Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) telling Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 AM where Doc unveils a time machine that runs off of plutonium built into a DeLorean and demonstrates it to Marty. Marty accidentally activates the time machine, sending him back to 1955 where he accidentally gets in the way of his teenage parents meeting. Marty must find a way to convince Doc that he is from another time, reunite his parents, and ultimately get back to the future. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. 1985. Rated PG. 1 hour, 56 minutes.

This week is all about Strange Worlds. For a full schedule of our Summer Film Festival, click here!

Tickets are $7 for adults; $6 for students, teachers, seniors & military. Prices include sales tax.

Please note: There is an additional $3.50 per ticket web fee for Internet purchases; call the Carolina Theatre Box Office at 336-333-2605 to avoid those charges. (Tickets are also available at the door.) You can opt to have tickets mailed to you for a $1 postage fee, or you can pick up tickets in will call for no additional charge.