United Way of Greater Greensboro: KRS-One September 30, 7:30 pm

United Way's 100 Years of Good Vibes Concert Featuring KRS-One

The ‘Teacha’… the “conscience of hip hop,” KRS-One himself, is coming to The Carolina Theatre on September 30, 2022, to help United Way of Greater Greensboro celebrate its centennial year – and you’re invited to the party!

KRS-One is a legend in the hip hop game – an emcee with both rhymes and reason. His name stands for “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone” which is fitting, because he’s also known as “Teacha.” He’s been called the “conscience of hip hop” by Rolling Stone Magazine and remains one of the loudest voices advocating for the preservation and expansion of original hip-hop and its message of ending cultural exploitation and violence. Make no mistake, you will not want to miss this show! KRS-One is a renowned hip-hop artist, activist, and author who will be in town for one night only, performing his music and spreading a message of peace, love, and unity. This message is at the heart of United Way’s work and we couldn’t think of anyone better to headline our 100 Years of Good Vibes concert series.

Tickets are $100*, $50, $30 or $20, depending on seat location.
Ticket Commissions: A $5 processing fee and NC Sales tax will be added to each ticket.
*The $100 ticket includes a pre-show VIP reception in the Carolina's Renaissance Room with a Meet & Greet, hors d'oeuvres, and a special Tito's cocktail.

* * * * * * *

United Way of Greater Greensboro is celebrating 100 Years of Transforming Your Compassion Into Community Change. And in case you didn’t know, we’re laser focused on creating strategic partnerships and initiatives that are working together to help children, adults, and entire families leave poverty. Our Family Success Centers partner with families to support their transition from poverty into financial stability through personalized coaching and strategically bundled services offered in a central location. Our Guilford Success Network is a county-wide, mobile-friendly network that connects people and service providers to multiple supports and coordinators. These coordinators help people identify, track and achieve their personal goals of leaving poverty.

All proceeds will support United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Guilford Success Network and Family Success Centers.

* * * * * * *

While masks are still recommended, they are not required, and social distancing is encouraged when possible.

For details on the Carolina Theatre of Greensboro’s health and safety policies please visit our COVID-19 preparedness page.